Traditional Thai Festival On The Buddha Lent Day

Traditional Thai Festival On The Buddha Lent Day

Start: 1 July 2017
End: 31 July 2017

 Traditional Thai Festival On The Buddha Lent Day! 

  The Buddha Lent Day Is the important day of Buddhism The Theravāda monks will stay at the temple without going elsewhere. The so-called "Lent" when the Lent. In each locality, Thailand will organize charitable activities. Including candle parade. But yeah, that's all the same. The bak may be flowers with flowers. Some of the candles. Or some of the monks on the back of the elephant ... So let's look at each other better than how different local each. Let's say that each place has its own identity, so you want to go to all provinces anyway.


 1. The 8th with candle parade at Lard Cha Do  

  The only Thai tradition There is a candle parade on the water. At the beach Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Because of the way that the people of Chachoengs have been linked to the river since the past. In front of every house of the Tao often have boats under the house. Because it was before The Cantoners will use the canal as the main route for transportation. For example, the boat to merit daily monks. Even religious holidays. It is the source of the candle flame of the Tadpole from the past to the present 


Activity: Watch the life along the canal. Thai touch, flattering green fields, beautifully decorated water lilies, canal garden contest, traditional folk dance competition, At the simulation of the retro water market. And watch the various shows.
Venue: At Lad Cha Do market, Phak Hai district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Duration of the event: July 8, 2017


  2. Traditional candles.  

  Wax candles tradition It is the only tradition in Thailand. Because it is a tradition with both clergy. And the common people put on a common bond. Where else would the public only enter the monk only. By the uniqueness of the tradition is to put candles with candles. To promote the discipline of the Lord Buddha. About respect Respect among the monks who are younger than younger Thera.


Activity: In the morning there is a religious ceremony> 11.30 am. Monks at the ceremony and candle candles.

Venue: At Wat Boon Yuen Luang Monastery, Wiang Sa district, Nan.

Duration of the event: July 10, 2017


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  3. Lent Candle and Elephant Procession on Surin Province 

The great annual event of the Buddhist Lent of Surin. To commemorate His Majesty the King. And to inherit the good culture of Thai people. Including the promotion of Thai identity to foreigners are also known. There is a large Thera sitting to receive alms on the elephant. The only place in the world at Phraya Surin Phakdee Sri Narong Temple. Surin Province And for the prosperity of themselves and families during the Lent. It is also a show of love. Unity of the people of Surin.


Activity: A candle parade, a parade of elephants decorated with glittering lights, a procession of Buddha relics, enshrined on an elephant's back, a ceremony of the Buddha and prayers, a meditation ceremony, a meditation contest, An altarpiece contest, the greatest merit-making ceremony on the elephant back in the world.

Venue: At the front of Surin Town Hall. And Phraya Surin loyalists.

Duration of the event: July 7-8, 2017


  4. Grandmother flowers tradition (Bless the flowers)    

The "grandmother" tradition is the tradition of flowers. It is a local tradition of the Vientiane people in Laos, who migrated from Vientiane during the reign of King Rama III, for a long time. The word "grandmother" in "Grandmother" is a distorted dialect of Lao language. That "divorce" means giving, so the word "grandmother" means giving or offering flowers to the monks to worship the Buddha.


Activity: When the temple drum wet. Everybody comes to arrange 5 kinds of rice, jasmine, lotus flower, lotus flowers, 3 incense sticks, 1 candle, a bundle of holy brass. To use the Buddhist temple as a worship to celebrate the Buddha image. (Phra Pang The monks and nuns (6 monks, 6 temples), the candles, the candles, the candles, the candles and the candles. Flower (85 monks))

Venue: At Wat Chindamanee, Ban Dum, Phrom Buri, Sing Buri

Duration of the event: July 1-31, 2017


  5. Lop flower blessing And a royal candle.  

"Tradition of Lent flowers" is a local cultural heritage of Phra Phutthabat. The inheritance from the goddess. It is an ancient tradition that preserves the value of conservation. "It is the only one in the world", except that Buddhists will have great merit and offer flowers to Buddhist monks. Also admired beauty with the procession of the troops. Flowering carvings, etc., and the indispensable is the beauty of "Lent flowers" that bloom throughout the temple. Since the sun set over the horizon. Until the sun moves down low. After the Buddha's footprint and the secret to Suwannapot.


Activity: Lop flower blessing tradition And a candle lit at Wat Phra Phutthabat, the sacrifice ceremony of the Holy Spirit of God, Watch the carriage procession spectacular national.

Venue: At Wat Phra Phutthabat Ratchaworamahawat, Khun Khon, Phra Phutthabat, Saraburi.

Duration of the event: July 7-9, 2017



Previously, many people would think that Lent is only a blessing and a candle parade. However, as you read this article, you will gain new knowledge that more and more local people have a tradition of making candles and candles. Each one is how it is. If you know this then ... We come together to preserve Thai traditions for generations to come. :-)


 Thank You for information 


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