Baggage Service


Left luggage service

Call. 0-2134-7795-6




Left luggage is on the 2nd floor of passenger terminal which near tourist police / on the 4th floor behind check-in counter row P

Conditions for left luggage service

      • left luggage counter will make out a receipt for customers in order to be an evidence to assure the service

      • service charge rate is 100 Baht / 1 baggage / day

      • customers will be charged for 50 Baht in every 12 hours if left luggage more than 24 hours

      • if customers left luggage more than 3 months (90 days) they will be charged for 200 Baht / day

      • this service can be used with luggage in good condition only and valuables are prohibited

      • if customers left luggage more than 6 months (180 days), it will be seized as left luggage’s possession

      • the luggage will be give back only to customers or the agent who have documents such as an identity card, passport, etc.

      • the luggage that is wrapped will be open and checking


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