Airport Luggage Delivery at Suvarnabhumi Airport


 泰國 AIRPORTELs 曼谷素萬納普機場行李寄送、行李寄存 


Luggage delivery


不管您要轉送到素萬納普機場、廊曼國際機場或是曼谷市內各區酒店,AIRPORTELs一定使命必達!每件行李最高保障10萬泰銖保險,且100%保證安全送達目的地。除了接收e-mail 更新,您還可以透過Facebook、Line、微信和 AIRPORTELs 聯絡。素萬納普機場的寄存處可以容納2,500件以上的行李並24小時監控確保行李安全。


Luggage delivery


  使用 AIRPORTELs 行李寄送服務,更有效地安排獨一無二的泰國旅行。輕鬆、愜意地空手遊覽景點,在商場購物,直達餐廳享用美味佳餚,或是帶著筆記本電腦直接前往會談,您再也不用拖著笨重的大件行李,只要填入您的資料和正確地址就能預訂。旅程的最後一天,將行李寄存在旅館就可以空手出行,最後只要前往機場領取結束完美的曼谷旅行。









   運送行李每件均一價350泰銖,不限重量、大小、運送距離 !






AIRPORTELs Luggage delivery

AIRPORTELs Luggage delivery


  欲知更多詳情,請參考AIRPORTELs網站或搜尋”AIRPORTELs 行李寄送” 



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Website: Luggage Delivery Bangkok




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Airport Luggage Delivery at Suvarnabhumi Airport by Bellugg

    Bellugg Luggage Delivery is a luggage delivering service at Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are various services provided by Bellugg such as delivering from airport-to-hotel, hotel-to-airport, airport-to-home, home-to-airport or left-luggage office. This service is proven to decrease passengers’ anxiety along the trip.



    Bellugg is one of the first luggage delivery service in Thailand which can truly answer passenger’s requirements. With experience handling with traveler from over 30 countries and have delivered more than 5,000 bags. Moreover, “Bellugg” is guarantee by more than 300 hotels around Thailand. The slogan of “Bellugg” is ‘Safe, On-time, Trackable’. This concept also wins travelers heart. Furthermore, there are insurance for all luggage including damage, lost and found, theft or burning. As a result, “Bellugg” will compensate within a week for any damage.


The rate depends on size of luggage as followed.

Small Size (S) (lower than 22 inch.) = 300 Baht
Medium Size (M) (between 22-28 inch.) = 450 Baht
Large Size (L) (high than 28 inch.) = 600 Baht


An easy way to use our services, passengers can just leave all their belongings at the left-luggage office after landing. There are two round of delivery as followed.

  1. Before 12.00 PM, all luggage will be transferred to passengers’ destination no later than 4.00 PM

  2. After 12.00 PM, all luggage will be transferred to passengers’ destination no later than 7.00 PM



How to get to Bellugg

B1 Fl., Suvarnabhumi Airport (The walk way to Novotel hotel and airport link)
Opening hours: 07.30 AM – 11.30 PM

Call Center: +6687-336-6666
Line: Bellugg
WeChat: Bellugg
KakaoTalk: Bellugg


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